Why Cyclone?
Cyclone is the only e-bike motor company make their own most powerful motor and is affordable.

If I have question that is not in FAQ page how do I find the answer?
you can e-mail us at sales@cyclone-e-bikes.com we will reply you within 48 hours, usually is 8 hours reaction time.

How to Become Cyclone Coaxial e bike dealer?
We are looking for dealer to sell our Elite and Big by fat e-bike, we offer dealer very good deal, dealer can design their own bike to suit their market.

How to choose Kits to fit my bike?
Choose base on Top speed and style, most pouplar and low cost motor kit is 3kw kit, downhill bike or folding bike choose doube chainwheel kit,
MTB or 700C choose Triple chainwheel kit, for stronger pedal choose ISIS option

Can I order Battery from Cyclone?
Yes, we do custome make battery, if you want the 36~72 30A controller build-in battery case let us know we will have that option online soon.
We have 15ah 36V or 13ah 48V or 7.8Ah 72V Samsung battery pack, or bigger battery pack without build-in 30A controller.